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Paris attacks

Posted by :) on November 14, 2015

A set of shootings and explosions hit Paris late on Friday, killing at least 127 people and injuring more than 200 in one of the city’s densest districts on a Friday night. The identity of the terrorists and their motives are still unknown, although French President François Hollande has promised a “merciless” response. Here’s a running tally of what we do and don’t know about the violence:

What we know

  • According to the Associated Press, explosions were reported near the Stade de France, a soccer stadium near Paris, as were shootings inside the city itself. Here’s a map of the attacks:

(Javier Zarracina/Vox)

  • According to the BBC‘s Katya Adler, “French channels [reported] masked men started shooting in all directions around a group of restaurants with outdoor terraces central.”
  • After the shooting attack at the Paris Bataclan concert hall, attackers took more 100 people hostage there, according to police. Police later stormed the Bataclan and ended the hostage situation.
  • At least 127 people were killed in total, according to Hollande. Another 200 were injured, 99 of them critically. The majority of victims died at the Bataclan concert hall.
  • Eight attackers are dead, seven of whom detonated explosive suicide belts, according to French police. Authorities believe that all the attackers involved have been killed, but they continue to search for accomplices who may be at large.
  • In statements released online in French and Arabic, ISISclaimed responsibility for the attacks, though the veracity of the claim is still unclear. But President Hollande on Saturday blamed ISIS, as well.
  • According to ABC News, Reuters, the Guardian, and other media outlets, one of the attackers had a Syrian passport. But it’s not yet clear if the passport belonged to the attacker.
  • In a statement, President Hollande announced that a state of emergency was imposed for the whole country and that France would close its borders. His office later clarified that while the country will not be closed, border controls will be instated.
  • At the time of the reported explosions, the German and French soccer teams were playing a match. After the match, police asked fans to stay in the stadium, where they milled around the field:
paris stadium

(VI Images/Getty Images)

  • An amateur video posted by the Guardian shows the aftermath of the attacks at Stade de France and La Royexpla
  • What we don’t know

    • Who the attackers are. ISIS has claimed responsibility, but as their statement merely repeats information available in media reports, it’s not yet clear that they are in fact responsible.
    • Whether the attacks were coordinated, or what the connection between them might be. US security officials told Reuters that they currently believe the attacks were coordinated, but information is still sketchy and subject to change.
    • The final death toll.
    • How France, or other countries such as the US, will respond.

    Watch: Syria’s civil war, explained


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