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`Terror outfits in Af operate out of Pak’

Posted by :) on June 23, 2015

Jun 23 2015 : The Times of India (Bangalore)
`Terror outfits in Af operate out of Pak’
Even as Afghanistan recently signed an agreement with Pakistan’s spy agency ISI on sharing intelligence and coordinating operations, the `Country Reports on Terrorism 2014′ released by the US department of state last week said “several terrorist networks active in Afghanistan, such as al-Qaida, the Haqqani network and others, operate largely out of Pakistan.“The US report said, “Afghanistan, in particular, continued to experience aggressive and coordinated attacks by the Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network, and other insurgent and terrorist groups. A number of these attacks were planned and launched from safe havens in Pakistan.“

Talking about threats to Afghanistan, the US report said, “The border region of Afghan istan and Pakistan is an undergoverned area which hosts terrorist cells active in both countries. The government of Afghanistan has struggled to assert control over this remote terrain where the population is largely detached from national institutions. Afghanistan generally cooperates with US counterterrorism efforts.Since President (Ashraf) Ghani’s election, he has actively pursued cross-border security cooperation with the government of Pakistan, including the prospect of joint operations to reduce safe havens on both sides of the border.“

The US report also raised concern over proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan. “The potential for WMD trafficking and proliferation remained a concern in Afghanistan because of its porous borders and the presence of terrorist groups,“ it said.


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