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Hacker Group Anonymous to ISIS: We Will Hunt You Down

Posted by :) on February 18, 2015

Source: http://bluenationreview.com/hacker-group-anonymous-isis-will-hunt/

The Islamic State has made a powerful enemy on the web: Anonymous.

The hacktivist group has released a list of over 1,000 social media accounts, email addresses, and recruitment sites used by the Islamic State to recruit new members, all of which have been “exposed and destroyed.”


#OPISIS, the name of Anonymous’ anti-ISIS campaign, has been around for a while, but intensified after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. Back in June, Anonymous told Forbesabout its plan to target countries that have been accused of funding ISIS:

“We plan on sending a straightforward message to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all other countries that evidently supply ISIS for their own gain.”

Anonymous’ war against ISIS hits the terrorist organization right where it hurts: On social media.

ISIS didn’t rise to prominence because it had the most guns. It rose to prominence because of its social media strategy, a campaign that began when it took Mosul and captured the world’s attention.

This is a terrorist group that thrives on its public image. It has its tendrils in Twitter, where it has an audience that disseminates messages establishing their brutality and omnipresence.


This image of an alleged ISIS member in front of the White House is not only meant to create fear, but also to inspire would-be followers into joining. The message is clear: ISIS is everywhere. ISIS is powerful. ISIS is infiltrating the United States.

AnonThe heart of ISIS’ power is in its social media campaign. Which is exactly why we need Anonymous.

Describing themselves as Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people from all walks of life, Anonymous is the antithesis of ISIS, and they have proven to be most effective at dismantling ISIS’ social media wing.

How ironic that they were once called “cyber terrorists.”

Anonymous reminds everyone that ISIS does not represent Islam, and reminds ISIS that there is no safe place for them on the Internet:

“Remember, the terrorists that are calling themselves Islamic State (IS) are not Muslims. ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you. From now on, no safe place for you online.”

H/T: CNN, PasteBin

John Paul Brammer is a Contributing Editor at BNR. His writing on LGBT and Latino issues has appeared in The Advocate and Huffington Post. Find him on Twitter @jpbrammer

John Paul Brammer
John Paul Brammer is a Contributing Editor at BNR. His writing on LGBT and Latino issues has appeared in The Advocate and Huffington Post. Find him on twitter.



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