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Blast kills one, injures three at busy street in Bengaluru

Posted by :) on December 29, 2014

source- ,TNN | Dec 28, 2014, 09.33 PM IST

BENGALURU: A low-intensity bomb blast on the busy church street in Bengaluru’s heart has left one person dead and three injured. The injured are being taken to local hospitals.

The deceased Bhavani (37) and one injured Karthik (21) are from the same family where the former is the latter’s aunt. The other two injured are name is Sandeep H (39) and Vinay MR (35). Sandeep and Vinay are being admitted to Hosmat Hospital while Karthik is being treated at Malya Hospital.

Bhavani was brought to the hospital in a critical state with serious injuries to her skull. Neurosurgeons tried to revive her in the hospital in vain.

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They were on their way to Amoeba, a gaming place along with children.

Priya, Kartik’s sister told TOI that they all walked on the same pavement outside Coco Grove, a popular joint on the road and the injured were the last in the group.

The blast occurred in this area.

“All of us passed the place when we heard a huge blast. My aunt was thrown on one side and I could find my brother. My brother has a small injury on his back but my aunt bled a lot even in the auto,” she said.

B Narsimha (65) rushed the injured to the hospital in his auto.

Police landed on the spot immediately, but a confirmation on what caused the blast is yet to come.

Tens of shocked people were found screaming and a host of them helped the family transport the injured.

Answering the cops, the auto driver who took the victims to the hospital.

“From preliminary investigation, the minor explosion was caused by an improvised explosive devise (IED) placed on the footpath. We have mobilised the entire force in the city. Experts from internal security division and anti-sabotage teams have been called in,” Bengaluru commissioner of police told reporters.

“There was a threat perception to the city due the upcoming festivities and some other circumstances. However, it was general in nature and not specific,” city police commissioner said on threat perception.

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Chief minister Siddaramaiah has said high alert has been sounded in the city and has appealed the people not to heed for rumours that disturb peace and bring fear among the people.

“Act should be condemned. A detailed inquiry has been ordered,” he said.

The home minister also confirmed the blast. According to the latest reports, chief minister Siddaramaiah has spoken to home minister Rajnath Singh about the blast. Singh has assured all central assistance to the state.



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