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Terror fear? China city bans beards, veils in buses

Posted by :) on August 8, 2014

Source-  Saibal Dasgupta – TNN
In perhaps the first such instance in China, a city in the country’s restive Xinjiang region has banned beards and burqas or veils worn by Muslim women within days of a major terrorist attack and subsequent police action that killed nearly 100 people in the bordering Kashgar area.Authorities in Karamay banned “five groups of people” — those who wear burqa, head scarves, veils or hijab, any clothing bearing the cres

cent moon and star, as well as those with long beards, statecontrolled media reported on Wednesday . The ban disallows people in this group from using facilities like bus es and other means of public transport and has been effective since Monday. This is in view of a local sports competition on August 20, the newspaper said, and may be extended beyond that.Even more controversially, state leaders in Xinjiang are working on a proposal to amend existing rules on family planning. So far, Muslims are exempt from the country’s one-child policy, which has now been relaxed to allow up to two children.

Southern Xinjiang will “implement family planning

policy equally on all ethnic groups, to lower and stabilize an appropriate birth rate”, a Communist Party leader, Zhang Chunxian, wrote in the August edition of Qiushi, an official magazine of the Communist party. More than 45% of Xinjiang’s 22 million people are Uighur Muslims who speak Turkic language.Chinese authorities have earlier discouraged Muslim government employees from fasting during the holy month of Ramzan on the grounds that it can affect their health and performance.



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7,00,000 people listed by US as `terror suspects’

Posted by :) on August 8, 2014

Source – TOI – Chidanand.Rajghatta @timesgroup.com –
“If everything is terrorism, then nothing is terrorism.” This eloquent quote by former senior FBI special agent David Gomez speaks to what is now emerging as an “out of control” surveillance program initiated by the Obama administration in its overarching effort to monitor terrorist links.That the US is engaged in unprecedented snooping is known for some time now thanks to Edward Snowden.

But fresh disclosures from a new source, based on classified files leaked to the website Intercept, suggests that Washington may be running amok, putting under surveillance hundreds of thousands merely on suspicion.

The disclosures, which could cause fresh consternation in world capitals that have not signed on to the program, reveal that the CIA uses a previously unknown program, codenamed Hydra, to “secretly access databases maintained by foreign countries and extract data to add to the US watchlists”.

According to the disclosures, there are around 7,00,000 people caught up in

the US’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSD) — a watchlist of “known or suspected terrorists” shared with local law enforcement agencies, private contractors, and foreign governments. Of them, more than 40%(2,80,000) are described as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation”, dwarfing the number of people suspected of ties with al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined.According to the documents, the Obama administration has also boosted the number of people on the nofly list more than ten-fold, to an all-time high of 47,000.

The government adds information to the database at a rate of 900 records each day.

The second-highest concentration of people designated as “known or suspected terrorists” is in Dearborn, Michigan, a city that has the largest percentage of Muslims in the country.

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