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Pakistan troops kill 2 jawans, behead, mutilate one of them

Posted by :) on January 9, 2013

 IB Had Tipped Off Army On LoC Infiltration

Source – Rajat Pandit & Josy Joseph TNN

New Delhi: Pakistani troops on Tuesday crossed over into Indian territory, beheaded an Indian soldier and killed another in the Mendhar sector of Jammu & Kashmir. This brings to mind the brutality perpetrated during the 1999 Kargil conflict and is likely to make peace making more difficult now.
The Pakistani Army’s border action team took advantage of the thick fog in the forested mountainous region to sneak 500 to 600 metres across the Line of Control. The Indian troops engaged the Pakistani soldiers in a 30-minute, close-quarters gunbattle before driving them back just before noon.
The ceasefire violation and incursion seemed to be a diversionary manoeuvre to push infiltrators into J&K, as has been the earlier practice of the Pakistani Army. But its attempts met with stiff resistance from the Indian troops. Thanks to an Intelligence Bureau tipoff, the troops were fully alert to thwart any nefarious design.
After the gunbattle, the bodies of Lance-Naiks Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh were found. The duo were part of an area domination patrol of the 13 Rajputana Rifles. One of them was badly mutilated.
Although the Army did not give more details of the barbarism, sources said the retreating Pakistani soldiers had chopped off the head of one of the Indian soldiers and taken it back with them.
An outraged Indian Army dubbed the crime “yet another grave provocation’’ by the Pakistanis, and said that the matter would be “taken up sternly through official channels’’. Given the gravity of the situation, PM Manmohan Singh, who was in Kochi on Tuesday afternoon, was briefed over the phone.
The defence ministry said: “We condemn the provocative action. The government will take up the incident with the Pakistan government. We expect Islamabad to honour the ceasefire agreement (which came into force in November 2003) strictly.”
Predictably, the Pakistan military denied its troops crossed over into India or indulged in a truce violation on Tuesday. “It looks like an Indian propaganda to divert world attention from the raid conducted by Indian troops on one of our posts on Sunday, in which one of our soldiers was killed,’’ it said.
Tuesday’s decapitation evoked memories of the barbaric way in which Captain Saurabh Kalia was tortured by his Pakistani captors during the 1999 Kargil conflict.
Pak troops attack patrol party along line of control (LoC) in Mendhar sector, coming around 500m into Indian territory. Army had been tipped-off by the IB
Kill two Lance Naiks, Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh; injure two others
Pakistanis beheaded one of the soldiers and took away the head as a trophy, said sources. Army confirms that the jawan’s body had been mutilated
Army sees attack as “significant escalation” over continuing series of ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts

India to lodge strong protest over J&K raid 
New Delhi: The defeat in Kargil did not chasten the Pakistani security establishment into mending its ways and stop violating the Geneva Convention which lays down how captured soldiers should be treated. In February 2000, Pakistani terrorist and al-Qaida member Ilyas Kashmiri had led a raid on the Indian Army’s “Ashok Listening Post’’ in the Nowshera sector killing seven Indian soldiers.
Even then, Kashmiri had taken back to Pakistan the head of a 24-year-old jawan, Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar of the 17 Maratha Light Infantry, as a trophy.
He is believed to have been honoured by General Pervez Musharraf himself at a ceremony later.
On Tuesday, the defence ministry said the directorgeneral of military operations, Lt-General Vinod Bhatia, had taken up the issue “directly” with his Pakistani counterpart. With the PM landing back in New Delhi later on Tuesday, the ministry of external affairs is likely to summon a top Pakistani official on Wednesday to lodge a strong protest over the matter.
Sources said Army chief General Bikram Singh briefed national security adviser Shivshankar Menon on the “significant escalation’’ in ceasefire violations by the Pakistan Army in recent days. “Pakistan Army is regularly giving covering fire to help terrorists infiltrate into J&K, especially in the Rajouri, Uri and Keran sectors. If there were 61 such violations in 2011, as many as 120 have been recorded in the last one year,’’ an official said.
ON THEIR TOES: A file picture of BSF men standing guard along India-Pakistan Chachwal border outpost



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Girl Shot by Pakistani Taliban Is Discharged From Hospital

Posted by :) on January 9, 2013


Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, via Reuters

Malala Yousafzai leaving Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, on Friday. Doctors said that she had made “excellent progress.”

Source – nyt

 LONDON — Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head three months ago by the Taliban for advocating the education of girls, has been discharged from a British hospital. Doctors said she had made “excellent progress” and would be staying with her family nearby before returning for further surgery to rebuild her skull in about four weeks.

“Following discussions with Malala and her medical team, we decided that she would benefit from being at home with her parents and two brothers,” said Dr. Dave Rosser, the medical director.

Video released by Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, showed Ms. Yousafzai walking slowly out of a ward, wearing a head scarf and accompanied by a nurse.

The release was a promising turn for the teenage activist. Her shooting brought global condemnation of the Pakistani Taliban, whose fighters killed six female aid workers this week in the same region in northwestern Pakistan where Ms. Yousafzai was shot.

On Oct. 9, gunmen halted her school bus as it went through Mingora, the main town in the Swat Valley, singled her out and opened fire. A bullet grazed her brain, nearly killing her, and traveled through her head before lodging in her neck.

Six days later, after emergency treatment in Pakistan, she was airlifted to the hospital in Birmingham, which specializes in treating British soldiers wounded in action in Afghanistan.

Medical experts say Ms. Yousafzai has a good chance of making a full recovery because of her youth, but the long-term impact of her head injuries remains unclear.

In recent weeks, she has left the hospital regularly to spend time with her family. The Pakistani government is paying for her treatment.

Ms. Yousafzai rose to prominence in 2009 with a blog for the BBC’s Urdu-language service that described life in Swat under Taliban rule. Later, she was featured in a documentary by The New York Times.

Now her father, Ziauddin, a school headmaster, has accepted a three-year position as education attaché at the Pakistani Consulate in Birmingham, making it unlikely that the family will return to Pakistan anytime soon. In any event, it may be too dangerous, because the Taliban have vowed to attack her again.

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Malala top name of ’12

Posted by :) on January 9, 2013

Los Angeles: Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai, who was shot at by Taliban, has become the top name of 2012 along with Apocalypse — a growing fascination with ‘end-of-theworld’ scenario — which emerged as the top word.
South Korean rapper Psy’s infectious viral hit song “Gangnam Style” was the top phrase of the year, according to the 13th annual global survey of English language done by Global Language Monitor, which analyses the latest trends in word usage and their cultural impact.
Apocalypse was followed by deficit, Olympiad, Bak’tun, and meme. Completing in the top 10 were MOOC, the Cloud, Omnishambles, Frankenstorm and obesogenic. The phrases that followed Gangnam Style were Global Warming/Climate Change, Fiscal Cliff, The deficit, God Particle, Rogue nukes, Near-Earth Asteroid, Binders Full of Women, Arab Spring, Solar max and Big Data.
The top 10 names of 2012 were Newtown and Malala (tie), Xi Jinping, Kate Middleton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, London Olympics, Higgs Boson, Europe (EU/ Eurogeddon), Felix Baumgartner (skydiver) and Senkaku Islands.

Source – PTI

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Agency says terrorists were involved in Jammu attack Multi Agency Centre Warned The Army

Posted by :) on January 9, 2013

Source – Josy Joseph TNN

New Delhi: The Multi Agency Centre (MAC) had issued warnings in Jammu on Sunday and here on Monday to the Army about a possible terrorist raid on one of the military posts in Mendhar sector.
This has raised questions if the raid was a joint operation of the Pakistani Army and terrorists.
The warning came true so precisely — unlike several occasions in the past when MAC has warned of such raids that never happened — that it has baffled sources in the intelligence agencies if a raid was in the offing over the last two days, at least since Sunday when both sides exchanged fire just before the India-Pakistan ODI here. It is also entirely possible that Tuesday’s raid may not be what the warning spoke about.
The MAC warning had said that there was likelihood of a raid on a military post, or planting of mines along the patrol routes of Indian soldiers. The incident, the warning had said, would take place in Mendhar sector.
Inputs had said that the raid or mine laying was part of a coordinated terrorist effort, under Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), to attack the Indian Army. Noticeably, the warning had said that it would be a terrorist action.
However, the raid on the post manned by the 13 Rajputana Rifles unit had all tell-tale signs of an Army operation, according to Army sources. Sources in the intelligence establishment said the operation could be a joint action of the Pakistani Army and terrorists.

BRACING UP: In a file picture, army soldiers patrol Jaran Walan Gali, some 250 kms from Jammu. Pakistani troops killed two Indian soldiers on Tuesday


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Not India? Pak army admits enemy No. 1 is terror at home

Posted by :) on January 4, 2013

 Source : TOI News

New Doctrine Shifts Focus On ‘Internal Dangers’

Islamabad: After focusing on the perceived danger from India for decades, the Pakistan army has made a paradigm shift by describing homegrown militant groups and internal dangers as the biggest threat to the country’s security in its new military doctrine.
Eleven years after it became involved in the US-led war against terrorism, the Pakistan army has introduced changes its operational priorities for the first time, and the new doctrine describes the ongoing guerrilla war in the tribal belt and along the western border and bomb attacks by militant groups as the greatest threat. The activities of Taliban fighters in the restive tribal regions and unabated terrorist attacks on government installations are posing a “real threat” to security, media on Thursday quoted the new doctrine as saying.
The doctrine does not specifically link the threat from homegrown militancy to any sort of shift from the Pakistan army’s earlier focus on India.
However, security analysts like Lt Gen (retired) Talat Masood acknowledged that it amounted to a paradigm shift. He said India had always been perceived as Pakistan’s enemy No. 1 before the publication of the new doctrine. Pakistan’s preparations and weapons were always meant for India but for the first time, Islamabad had admitted that the real threat was emanating internally, he said. PTI

ON WARPATH: Pakistani demonstrators on Thursday protest in Multan against US drone attacks in the country’s tribal areas, one of which killed top Taliban commander Mullah Nazir (inset) on Wednesday

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