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WARNING- Taliban threaten to avenge Kasab death in a month

Posted by :) on November 29, 2012

Terror Outfit’s Jundullah Faction Says Its Jihadis Are Already In Amritsar & Hyderabad, Waiting To Strike

Omer Farooq Khan TNN

Islamabad: A Pakistani Taliban faction has claimed that its fighters were holed up in Amritsar and Hyderabad to carry out attacks to avenge 26/11 convict Ajmal Kasab’s execution last week.
“We will avenge the death of Ajmal Kasab on Indian soil within a month,’’ Ahmed Marwat, a spokesman for Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s Jundullah group told the TOI from an undisclosed location on Wednesday. “His death will not go waste. (Our) group has a number of fighters in Amritsar and Hyderabad Deccan, who will soon take revenge of Ajmal Kasab. With the death of one Kasab, scoresof his other comrades are ready for martyrdom.’’
Marwat spoke in what seemed like Pashto language’s tribal accent spoken in Pakistan’s tribal northwest bordering Afghanistan. The region has long been an al-Qaida and Taliban safe haven. The fresh threat comes days after another Taliban faction threatened to avenge Kasab’s hanging by “striking Indian targets anywhere”.
The Pakistani state and minority Muslim sects — Shiias and Sufis — have so far been the group’s prime targets. Thousands of people have been killed since it launched a wave of destabilizing attacks on the country’s armed forces, spy agencies, market places and mosques beginning 2009.
The group had taken responsibility for the failed Times Square car bombing attempt in 2010, but retracted days later. Experts doubt its ability to strike overseas, saying the group lacks the sophistication to do so.
Jundullah has been closely tied to Qaida and responsible for sectarian bloodbath across Pakistan. It has claimed responsibility for most of attacks on Shias across Pakistan in the last two years. The group was blamed for September attacks on Karachi’s Dawoodi Bohra community that killed 11 people.
Earlier in February, Jundullah massacred 18 Shias from Gilgit-Baltistan after pulling them out of a bus near Rawalpindi. The slain were on their way from Kohistan. Marwat had then claimed responsibility for the attack while claiming to be the group’s Karachi-based commander. Media reports say the group has entrenched itself in Karachi.
“Among the most feared militant groups is Jundullah’s Karachi chapter, led by Fasihur Rehman, which is responsible for most of the sectarian attacks in the city,” said Umar Khitab, a Karachibased cop. Sources said Jundullah chief Hamja Jofi alias Haji Mumtaz founded the group in 2003 in Waziristan.
Pakistan to get new counter-terror body
Pakistan’s cabinet on Wednesday approved a draft law to establish a new counter terrorism body aimed at better coordinating efforts to defeat Taliban and al-Qaidalinked violence, a minister said. Pakistan says 35,000 people have been killed as a result of terrorism since the 9/11 attacks and the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan. Suicide attacks, bombings and shootings are a day-to-day reality, particularly in parts of the northwest near the Afghan border. Information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said the main objective was to defeat terrorism. AFP

FORWARD MARCH: Pakistan’s foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said on Wednesday that military ties with the US have been restored and her country was willing to take steps to support the Afghan peace process



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