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Pak Taliban vows to attack Indian targets ‘anywhere’

Posted by :) on November 23, 2012

 Day After Kasab’s Execution, Reactions Vary Across Border

Source  TOI- Omer Farooq Khan TNN

Islamabad: The Pakistani Taliban on Thursday pledged to attack Indian targets “anywhere” to avenge the execution of Ajmal Kasab, the lone survivor of theterrorist squad responsible for the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, anddemanded that Kasab’s body be returned to Pakistan for an “Islamic burial”.
Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said the TTP will strike in India to avenge the hanging of Kasab, without elaborating any further. The TTP, linked to al-Qaida, operates from Pakistan’s ungoverned tribal belt along the country’s border with Afghanistan.
“TTP demands that Ajmal Kasab’s body be returned to Pakistan for an Islamic burial,” Ehsan said. “If they don’t return his body to us or his family, we will capture Indians and not return their bodies,” he warned. The Taliban will try to strike Indian targets anywhere, he added.


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