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Malala Day observed

Posted by :) on November 13, 2012


LAHORE, Nov 10: The Malala Peace and Education Committee (MPEC) on Saturday observed the Malala Day by holding a gathering outside the Lahore Press Club.

The participants were holding banners and placards bearing inscriptions of a slogan: “Education for peace and peace for education”.

MPEC President Dr AH Nayyar said Malala represented the real face of Pakistan that wanted peace and security, and good quality education for all citizens of the country irrespective of class; an education that opened the minds and encouraged curiosity, questioning and reasoning; an education that was based on the principles of equality for all human beings and developed the capacity to differentiate between right and wrong; and an education that encouraged the love of knowledge and developed the necessary language skills to articulate ones ideas.

Dr Nayyar told media persons that the MPEC was formed recently by a group of teachers and students to take Malala’s message of education and peace to the education/ academic community.

He said the MPEC appreciated that the UN declared Nov 10 as Malala Day to highlight the importance and need for education, especially for girls. He said the committee felt that till the teachers and students worked together for the cause of education and peace, people of Pakistan would not be able to prosper as a nation.

He invited all teachers and students to join and speak with one voice for this noble cause and try to bring about necessary changes in the education environment.

scholarships: The Lahore College for Women University has announced awarding “15 Malala Yousafzai Scholarships” for girls from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Northern Areas.

On Malala’s UN International Day, which was observed the worldwide on Saturday, LCWU Vice-Chancellor Dr Sabiha Mansoor said the scholarships would be awarded on the request of varsity’s student council and comprise 10 scholarships for four-year BS degree and five scholarships for MS-PhD degree. She said the scholarships would include hostel accommodation.

Dr Mansoor said Malala Yousafzai stood tall as a symbol of girls’ education and defiance against those who wished to impose their obscurantist agenda behind the façade of religion.

“Malala is a brave and courageous girl, who refused to bow to all threats that tried to stop her from seeking and campaigning for education of girls. She stands as a symbol of hope for women empowerment through education,” She said.


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