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Google backs network of former terrorists

Posted by :) on October 18, 2012

 Google has backed a project to link up former terrorists and former violent radicals online, in an effort to combat extremism worldwide.

A map from the Against Violent Extremism website showing network members around the world

Source :  , Technology Correspondent

5:01PM BST 25 Apr 2012

It is planned that more than a thousand reformed Islamic, far-right, far-left and other extremists will collaborate on counter-radicalisation via the new network, “Against Violent Extremism”.

Victims of terrorism will also participate, including Jo Berry, the daughter of the Conservative MP Anthony Berry, who was killed in the IRA Brighton bombing in 1984.

The hub of the network is a new website, allowing members to exchange ideas on fundraising, policy-making and research.

Google is involved via its own think tank, Google Ideas, which is funding AVE for two years initially. The web giant has previously been criticised by politicians in Britain and the United States for hosting extremist propaganda on YouTube, its video sharing website, including as the sermons of Anwar al-Awlaki, a senior al-Qaeda cleric, who killed by a US drone strike last year.

The criticism helped prompt a major clean-up effort last year. Google said it had removed 135 videos for “national security” reasons in response to government requests.


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