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Pune Blasts – Wednesday night could be a dry run with a major operation waiting to happen

Posted by :) on August 4, 2012

Source : Saturday, Aug 4, 2012, 8:00 IST | Updated: Saturday, Aug 4, 2012, 0:09 IST
By Partha Sarathi Biswas & Sandip Dighe | Place: Pune | Agency: DNA

Wednesday evening’s explosions in Pune appear to be more of a case of drawing attention rather than a terror attack aimed at inflicting maximum human and collateral damage, say experts.

“This attack, with its insistence on minimal damage, might be a sign that some new group is trying to make its presence felt or trying to send out a message to existing groups,” an investigating officer said.

Speaking to DNA, former director general of police SS Virk said the absence of splinters or powerful explosives in the bombs was a clear indication that the planters were not interested in causing human casualty.

The presence of a complicated circuit and a timer device, according to Virk, showed the people involved are highly skilled in carrying out terror strikes. Put in place with utmost precision, all the five bombs had only a stack of detonators, an electronic circuit powered by dry cells and timer devices concealed in some sticky substance, an expert said.

Officials from the bomb detection and disposal squad (BDDS), who successfully deactivated one of the bombs planted opposite the Kalmadi Petrol Pump, say the planters had done their homework.

“Completing the circuit and attaching a timer device requires skill. All the bombs were flawless. The circuits were perfect,” a BDDS officer said. “That one of the bombs did not go off worked to our benefit… Now we know the exact components of the bombs.”

“The design was so complex that every bomb had two timer devices,” the officer said. “The planters had used two switches to ensure that at least one sets of the bomb at the designated hour.

Pencil cells powered the ignition mechanism and the electronic circuit had nine small wires.”

The officer said that the presence of two timers made it “more difficult to deactivate it”. “We prepared a fresh assembly of controlled power, broke the circuits to activate it diverting connections of the timer and pencil cells while deactivating the original assembly,” he said.

This complex design has left investigators worried. Some now feel the explosions on Junglee Maharaj road on Wednesday night could be a dry run with a major operation waiting to happen.


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