Terrorizing World – "Enough is enough"

Time to ACT tough . Now !


Posted by :) on September 9, 2011

The blast outside the Delhi High Court, which has claimed lives and injured many, is a cowardly act. It is also shocking that the blast took place when Parliament is in session. Our intelligence agencies appear crippled in the fight against terror. But once again, we will hear the political class making routine statements. The time to act has arrived. The U.S. has successfully contained terrorism after 9/11. We have many lessons to learn.

N.R. Ramachandran, Chennai

Another incident of terror that has shocked India. Terrorism seems to have deep roots and our cities are increasingly becoming vulnerable to attacks. The latest incident is a reminder that there are deficiencies in the working of our national security apparatus.

Arjun R. Shankar, Thiruvananthapuram

After a series of terrorist attacks, the choice of areas for these to happen is becoming clearer — venues where there is a large gathering. What are the steps being taken to protect the public?

Vivek Mishra, New Delhi

It is a sad reflection on the state of our intelligence agencies that notwithstanding the existing security apparatus, blasts occur at regular intervals. It only shows that India is slowly becoming a soft target for acts of terror. There is little or no purpose in identifying the culprits when there is a lack of political will and a fool-proof mechanism in place to prevent such attacks in the first place.

We are increasingly becoming frustrated with routine statements such as “a cowardly act,” “we will take steps” and other catchy phrases after such incidents. There has to be an all-party political meet to forge steps in tackling terror. A united political front is the first step in combating terror, which has to be considered as a national issue.

Sakunthala Seshanna, Bangalore

Soon, the festive season will arrive and major cities might face threats. We do not realise that after 9/11, the U.S. has never faced another situation of terror. There can be many hands behind a terror plot and we must find methods to find the clues. Perhaps, we need international help.

Daniel Varghese, Thiruvananthapuram

We are just not prepared to tackle acts of terror. I do not want to blame the police or the intelligence agencies as they have to overcome many odds while carrying out their duties.

The time has come to have small anti-terror training sessions (drills) organised by the local municipality/police. As the concept of conscription does not exist in India, we seem to be driven by fear. Whenever blasts or terror strikes happen, we suffer. Citizens should also be quick to report suspicious activities to the law enforcement agencies.

V.V. Ravi Kishore, Antwerp, Belgium

The life of the common man is still not secure. There will be many images of the victims of terror, grieving families and never ending pain all over the media, but no answers.

Shivani Mehrotra, Lucknow



  1. prem said

    Congress is a pro muslim and anti hindu govt. Now we all come to know this. They have no work except impressing muslims. They have nothing to do with prise rise, corruption and terrorism. Their only work is to impress muslims and play vote bank politics and this is the only work they have been doing since they came into govt. They are trying to impress muslims by hyping terrorism, supporting kashimir separatists and giving all kinds of facilities to them. In India where hindu population is 80% are living as minorities and muslims are living as majority bcoz of this govt. This govt always accuses BJP communal but what about congress. congress is much much more communal. This congress govt. is playing with the lives of hindus. It does not matter for them if a blast occurs outside high court or temple but it does matter to them if blast occurs outside mosque. This govt is more communal. Its bcoz of this govt. people like omar abdullar, rashid are daring to rise their voices to pass resolution in favour of terrorist afzal guru. This congress govt. is playing with the emotions of people. I wish we could Kick this bloody chutiya antinational govt. right away for the sake of the country.

  2. prem said

    congress ka haath aatankvaadiyo ke saath.

  3. veen said

    The main problem is that the congress lead UPA govt has no intention to stop terrorism. This is a pro muslim govt and they do not want to upset muslims by taking any steps to stop terrorism. This govt. is itself acts like terrorist organisation. The people like dig vijay singh, rahul gandhi are leaders of this organisation.

  4. neelaster said

    Congress is seeing chutiya Rahul gandu as next PM. Specially khatua law minister salman khurshid bcoz he knows chutiya rahul is a great devotee of muslims and can convert hindustan into pakistan and this is what the bloody khatooaas in our country want. Pity on salman khurshid and congress for their cheap thinking.

  5. prince said

    Today the life is very important for every body the there is no value of the life.
    every month blast are happen to any where in india and also in world.
    there is no any doubt that world has more developed. the second thing in comparison
    the life is very strugle than before.
    the peiple want make his life easy but the result is opposite.

  6. xyz said

    Chirian to mein baaz tudaun, Gidran to mein sher banaun !
    Sawa lakh se ek ladaun, Tabe Gobind Singh Naam kahaun !!

    The day is not far when the things would be changed and they would be kicked away.

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