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Mirwaiz seeks Obama help for Kashmir talks

Posted by :) on November 8, 2010

Source :Headlines Today Bureau

While US President Barack Obama has been pushing India and Pakistan to resolve all outstanding differences, the Hurriyat Conference has sought him to play a role in the Kashmir issue.

Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, who has been under house arrest, on Sunday said that Obama needed to fulfil his promise that he made during his election campaign.

The hard line faction of Hurriyat had announced a three-day civil curfew in the valley to coincide with Obama’s visit to India.

Mirwaiz demanded that Obama, instead of directly intervening in the Kashmir issue, must facilitate a dialogue between India, Pakistan and Kashmiri leaders. He said that a tripartite dialogue will bring about a permanent solution to the issue.

“We are not talking about any direct intervention. We want him (Obama) to facilitate a dialogue process between India, Pakistan and Kashmiris to find a permanent solution to Kashmir issue,” Mirwaiz said.


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