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Are Maoists the bigger problem than terrorists in India?

Posted by :) on July 6, 2010

At least 65 people have died in a rail crash in a Maoist area of India which was blamed on an act of sabotage. A passenger train derailed in West Bengal’s West Midnapore district because of a broken plate connecting the ends of two rails, a rail official said. It then came into the path of another train coming in the opposite direction. The area is known to be a stronghold of Maoist rebels. Early reports spoke of an explosion derailing the passenger train.

People are crying from inside as still the rescue operations are going, the incident took place in the night at around 1.30pm and nearly 200 people are injured. And the Maoists menace is getting bigger by the day and have become India’s biggest internal security problem than Terrorists lately.

What do you  think  ?

Are Maoists & Naxals the biggest Internal security problem in India than Terrorists at the moment?

Source : Neelima Pandey, PR & Media Relations Manager, Group M


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