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KASAB : “Mar Diya Jaye”

Posted by :) on May 11, 2010

Kasab gets what he gave: Death
Declines Last Chance To Speak
Source : Kartikeya | TNN
Mumbai: ‘‘You have been sentenced to death on five counts. You will be hanged by the neck till you are dead. Yeh hamara tareeka hai (This is our way),’’ judge M L Tahaliyani told Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab, 17 months after he and his nine accomplices held Mumbai to a 60-hour siege and killed 166 innocent men, women and children. 
The mood in the courtroom was sombre. Kasab did not react. He kept his head down and was whisked away after the pronouncement of the sentence. Throughout the afternoon, the baby-faced killer sat absolutely still in the box while the judge gave detailed reasons why it was necessary to give

him the harshest possible penalty under the Indian law. ‘‘This man has lost the right to get any humanitarian relief,’’ the judge observed. 
Tahaliyani held that in view of the depravity of Kasab’s crimes, any chance of his reform or rehabilitation was ‘‘totally ruled out’’. Describing the 22-year-old Lashkar-trained terrorist as ‘‘a menace to society’’, He specifically alluded to the Kandahar case in 1999, when an Indian plane was hijacked to free dangerous terrorists who were imprisoned at the time. ‘‘Keeping him alive would be a constant danger to government and the state,’’ he said.

He also pointed out that ‘‘Kasab voluntarily went to LeT and offered his services as a mujahideen”. 
Throughout the day, Kasab sat quietly, face nestled in his palm. He spoke to a guard just once to ask for water. 
Before sentencing him, judge Tahaliyani gave him one last chance to speak. He explained to him that his crimes warranted death, and he could tell the court if there was anything on his mind. Kasab declined the privilege and slumped back on his bench slowly.

Times View 
This paper is philosophically opposed to the death sentence — but ever so rarely there comes a crime that is so cold-blooded and so heinous that it forces us to make an exception. The manner in which Kasab and his partner walked into one of the busiest railway stations in the world and gunned down defenceless men, women and children in plain sight left no room for even the shadow of a doubt about their guilt. Some would argue that the death sentence serves our basest instinct for revenge, that it is not the answer to crime. But terror is unlike any other crime. Besides, keeping Kasab alive runs the risk of another Kandahar, when a plane was hijacked to extract the release of three dreaded terrorists.
Mumbai Erupts In Delight
Even as Kasab wore a downcast look and didn’t utter a single word in court on Thursday, Mumbai rejoiced in the verdict against the ‘butcher of Faridkot’ who killed scores and scarred Mumbai’s psyche for ever. Mumbaikars were unanimous that Kasab had got the punishment he deserved, but felt that the verdict could have come in much earlier. “It is a fair decision and
makes me proud of our judiciary,’’ said Manoj Takhtani, an octroi worker. The families and friends of the victims echoed similar sentiments, but many also expressed apprehensions about the possible delay in his execution. END OF A VIOLENT ROAD
5 Counts On Which He Got Death Rap 
For seven people killed directly by bullets fired from Kasab’s AK-47 For 65 other deaths in which he was an accomplice of Abu Ismail For LeT conspiracy which led to 166 deaths For waging war against the Indian state For a ‘terrorist act’ under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 
5 Counts On Which He Got Life Term 
Attempt to murder Kidnapping of boat Kuber’s navigator Conspiracy to wage war against India Collecting arms, etc, with an intention to wage war against the government of India Under the Explosives Act 
When Will He Hang? 
Under Section 366 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the death sentence will be automatically sent up to the Bombay high court for confirmation. If it’s confirmed, Kasab could file a mercy petition before the President. There are 50 such petitions pending over the years. Experts say govt need not insist on chronological order and can fast-track a petition depending upon its urgency
Kasab is a menace to society. Keeping such a person alive is a constant danger to the government and state He has lost his right to any humanitarian relief

Every man who wages war against India forfeits his life to the Indian state 
Any chance of Kasab’s rehabilitation and reform is totally ruled out 
Common man will lose faith in courts if they give inadequate punishment 
—M L Tahaliyani



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