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Posted by :) on February 17, 2010

11  killed, 45 injured in major bomb attack in India

Pune bomb blast
Deadly: Investigators are examining CCTV footage to identify the culprits behind a bomb which killed nine people in Pune, India
Pune bomb
Blast: Forensic officers sift through the rubble of the destroyed bakery in Pune, near Mumbai. The explosive was hidden inside a backpack
Pune bomb
Packed: A man receives medical treatment after being injured when the bomb exploded in the busy bakery
Pune bomb
Tributes: People leave candles near the scene of the bomb blast.
Pune bomb

An officer collects evidence at the scene

Followers of Osho greet each other near the site of an explosion outside a German bakery close to the Osho Ashram, a renowned meditation center, in Pune, India, Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010. A bomb detonated in the crowded bakery popular with foreigners in western India killing at least nine people and wounding dozens of others, officials said Sunday, the first terrorist attack in the country since the 2008 Mumbai massacre.

Followers of OSHO greet each other

Grieving family members

Body being carried out

Indian police gather near a destroyed bakery in Pune. A bomb ripped through a restaurant popular with tourists in the western Indian city of Pune February 13, 2010.

Source : (Xinhua/AFP Photo)


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