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ON THEIR TOES : Mumbai cops on alert to curb terror strike

Posted by :) on December 16, 2009

Send Audit Questionnaire To Schools, Colleges,Hotels, Malls

SOURCE : Mani D’Mello | TNN

Mumbai: Mumbai police is carrying out a huge security audit exercise in the city to prevent a terror attack on prime targets in the city.
Additional commissioner of police Vinay Korgaonkar conducted workshops on security audits around a fortnight back for force. Local police stations, as a followup to the workshop, have identified potential targets in their jurisdiction and have been sending out a security audit questionnaire to schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and vital installations in Mumbai.
The threat to the iconic Bandra-Worli Sea Link is also being reviewed. “The security of the sea link is handled by a number of security agencies on land and sea and a coordinated security system will have to be worked out with the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) to prevent potential terror strikes,” a senior official said.
The questionnaire seeks details of the entire topography of the installations (internal and external), the number of employees and the average number of daily visitors on the premises during peak hours, the security measures already in place and the number of security personnel to guard the premises.
A video recording of a 360-degree walk-through view of the entire structure is one of the mandatory requirements to be furnished to the local police. Officials have requested the management of the institutions to share information with the police on suspects or likely vulnerability of a terror attack to the structure and even sought suggestions for sprucing up the security system.
“This exercise is to prepare us in advance to avert and deal with the situation in the event of a terror attack on an installation. We don’t want to be caught napping,’’ a senior official said. “We have surveyed the vulnerable targets in our jurisdiction and drafted a questionnaire to prepare an elaborate blue-print of every institution and
installation in the area. We will review the threat possibility to the installation or institution and suggest beefing up security measures in and around the premises if required. We will also provide necessary assistance to the institution to conduct security drills and secure the institution against terror attack. In the event of a terror attack, the police will be in a position to work out a counter-attack strategy by studying the blueprint,’’ an assistant commissioner of police said.
David Headley’s disclosures to the Federal Bureau of Investigations had come as an eye-opener, senior police officials admitted, explaining the new measures.


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