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Hatred He Mailed

Posted by :) on November 23, 2009

We will retaliate against India, Headley had told schoolmates

Said Terrorism Is Not Cowardly


New Delhi: David Coleman Headley, the Pakistan-origin US national who is suspected of plotting another version of 26/11, showed his feelings for India in emails to his old schoolmates. Writing about India earlier this year, after the Mumbai attacks when ties between India and Pakistan were particularly low, Headley is reported to have said, “We will retaliate against India.”
These messages were sent by Headley to a Yahoo groups site with his former schoolmates from Hasan Abdal military school in Pakistan. The students call themselves ‘Abdalians’. These remarks were part of impassioned discussions about politics and Islam, a report in the New York Times said.
In the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts, when Pakistan feared that India would attack it, terror group leaders like Baitullah Mehsud openly came out to say that they would fight against India on the side of Pakistan if hostilities broke out. Headley was clearly of the same persuasion. The NYT report said that in his email chats, Headley also complained about “NATO criminal vermin dropping 22,000 lbs bombs on unsuspecting, unarmed Afghan villagers” or “napalming southeast Asian farmers”.
When a Polish engineer was beheaded by the Taliban in Pakistan, Headley wrote, “The best way for a man to die is with the sword.” The FBI indictment against Headley, the report said, shows that Headley was at ease being both Islamic Pakistani and American. But, somewhere along the line, though he embraced the American name David Headley, his beliefs were hardening into more extremist directions.
The reports paint him as someone with a Pakistani Muslim wife in Chicago but a make-up artist as a girlfriend in New York.
In yet another email posting to his schoolmates, he said, “Some of us are saying that ‘terrorism’ is the weapon of the cowardly… I will say that you may call it barbaric or immoral or cruel, but never cowardly.” He added, “Courage is, by and large, exclusive to the Muslim nation.”

David Headley with his mother and sister in an undated photo.

Headley never quite made the transition from a strict Pakistani boarding school to a Philadelphia bar mentally, sleuths said




One Response to “Hatred He Mailed”

  1. buuba said

    What is Really Pakistan means?
    1)POK Kashmiris struggling to come out of ISI strangle.
    2)Pashtuns never ever accept the rule of migrated Indian Muslims controlling Army and ISI. They would be happy to join their brothers across the border to have Pushtunistan.
    3)Balochistan will never forget the brutal burial of Nawaz Bugti at the hands of Pakistan army. Balochi always identify themselves as Balochi.
    What remains is the Sindh and Punjab filled with partition time migrated Indian muslims is called Pakistan. But how long dirty ISI can hold other province is anybodys guess.
    Pakistan= (Punjab+Sindh) – (POK+Baloch+FATA)

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