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Pak duo held in Italy for Mumbai attacks

Posted by :) on November 22, 2009

Source : TOI

Mohammad Yaqub Janjua (60) and his son Aamer Yaqub Janjua (31) were arrested in Italy

London: Tracing new links to the Mumbai carnage, a Pakistani father-son duo were arrested on Saturday from Italy for ‘allegedly’ managing money transfer to finance phone communications of the attackers following leads from Indian and US investigators. The two men, who ran a money transfer agency, were arrested in an early morning raid from the northern Italian city of Brescia, police said.

The duo was identified by the police as Mohammad Yaqub Janjua, 60, and Aamer Yaqub Janjua, 31. They have been accused of aiding and abetting international terrorism as well as illegal financial activity.
On November 25, 2008, a day before the attacks, they transferred US $229 to activate an internet phone account that was used by the attackers and their accomplices, said Stefano Fonzi, the head of anti-terror police in Brescia. The funds that enabled the terrorists to be in touch with their handlers in Pakistan were transferred under the identity of another Pakistani man who had never been to Italy and was not involved in the attacks, reports from Italy said.
The two managed a money transfer agency where it is reported to be a common practice to transfer funds using false identities. The Italian police arrested the two men in an early morning raid in Brescia, the police said in a statement.
Two others connected with the money transfer agency in Brescia were also arrested for other illegal activity, Fonzi was quoted as saying by foreign news agencies. AGENCIES


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    Your life will not be in vain

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