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Jethmalani takes on God, Wahabism

Posted by :) on November 22, 2009



New Delhi: His middle name is controversy and he is India’s leading agent provocateur. Living up to his image of selfc o n f e s s e d m ave r i ck , Ram Jethmalani on S at u rd ay went where few men have dared to venture.
Speaking at a meeting of legal eagles, Jethmalani poured vitriol on Wahabi Islam, spewed fire at jihadis and poked fun at their idea of God, causing the Saudi ambassador to walk out. Moily pacifies irked envoy
New Delhi: Legal eagle Ram Jethmalani, not known for his diplomatic skills, kicked up a row at an international conference on terror, by taking on Wahabi Islam and their idea of God. He critcized the jehadi doctrine, which allegedly propagates the belief that martyrs would “get a place in heaven and the company of opposite sex there.’’
He warned the government and international community against trusting God when it comes to terrorism. “He will not help as he is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease,’’ he said.
Soon Saudi ambassador Faisal-al-Trad was seen walking out of the conference, offended. Adesh Aggarwala, organizer, confirmed the ambassador had walked out, but returned after law minister Veerappa Moily’s statement that Jethmalani’s views were personal and not of the government.
Later, Jethmalani himself tried damage control, saying he was “a student of all religions, including Islam, and I have read the Koran several times. I find that the Prophet is a man of peace.’’
Jethmalani’s comments were publicly challenged by Justice Awn S Al-Khasawneh of the International Court of Justice, who said he should not “make sweeping statements’’.



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