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Embassy goof-up helped Ranas gain India entry

Posted by :) on November 23, 2009

Source : TNN and Agencies

New Delhi: The Indian consulate in Chicago goofed up badly in giving visas to Tahawwur Hussain Rana and his wife to visit India. Rana has been arrested by the FBI for plotting attacks in India.



The security lapse was discovered after an internal inquiry into the working of the Chicago consulate. The inquiry was promised by foreign minister S M Krishna after home ministry alleged that the consulate had slipped up badly.
The Pakistani-Canadian businessman, based in Chicago, was given a multiple-entry visa for a whole year and his wife, Samraz Rana Akhtar, a five-year multiple-entry visa by the Indian consulate in 2008. They visited Mumbai and several other cities in India before 26/11 last year. The visas were given at the discretion of the Indian consul general.
An internal inquiry has shown that the residential address provided in the visa applications by the Rana couple does not exist.
Moreover, an immigration services company where Rana claimed to have been employed told Indian authorities that he was never employed by them nor did they have a branch in Mumbai as stated by him, official sources said on Sunday. This flies in the face of the claim made by the consulate last week that it had done “due scrutiny” before issuing visas to Rana and his wife. Both the visas were issued “under the discretion of the consul general” and the home ministry maintained it was in violation of rules under which its clearance is required for any person born in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Iran. Rana was born in Chichawatni while his wife was born in Bahawalpur. Both the places are in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The two were exempted even from registering with the police if their stay did not exceed 180 days.
Senior government officials said there was a circular of 2004 under which the visa applications of people of Pakistan, Iran and Bangladesh origin was to be referred to the home ministry for clearance. But ambassadors have discretionary powers which were used in this case. Rana and his wife arrived in Mumbai on November 12 last year after which they travelled to Kochi on November 16.
Washington has conveyed that within a week there could be “authentic” information whether Headley and Rana were involved in the Mumbai attack Pak national believed to be a common link between LeT handlers like Zaki-ur Lakhvi and the duo. Probe to reveal whether Headley and Rana had any role Pak national believed to have been in Pakistan at the time of Mumbai carnage

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Terror binds India, US

Posted by :) on November 23, 2009

Intel-Sharing Pact To Be Inked As PM Heads For Washington

Source : Chidanand Rajghatta | TNN

Washington: Headline-grabbing issues ranging from trade in small-fry items such as almonds and mangoes to big-ticket deals on nuclear energy and space cooperation have animated US-India ties over the past two decades. When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh begins his three-day state visit to Washington on Monday, a subject that has remained on the backburner for long despite the terrible toll it has taken in the two countries will take centre-stage.
The US and India will sign a pact on intelligence sharing and counter-terrorism during the Prime Minister’s visit, one of nearly a dozen agreements to be inked during the visit. Details of the pact are not being disclosed yet, but such was the importance of the agreement that CIA director Leon Panetta flew down to New Delhi to discuss details with his Indian counterparts before the fine print could be drawn up. The agreement could involve exchanging and stationing more intelligence personnel in the two countries, including mobile units, to facilitate better interaction. Initiative for the intelligence upgrade, including “technical means’’, has come from the US side after Washington finally realized the fallacy of distinguishing Pakistani terrorist groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba from al-Qaida, a grasp that has been brought home by the latest episode involving the terror suspect duo of Tawassur Rana and Daood Gilani aka David Headley.
Washington is also aware that Manmohan Singh will be in the US capital on the first anniversary on November 26 of the Mumbai carnage inflicted by a recalcitrant Pakistan, which has refused to prosecute and punish the perpetrators of the carnage, thus giving the distinct impression that its all-powerful military and intelligence were involved in the attack.
The message that the same Pakistani terrorists can strike against US, too, was brought into American living rooms powerfully this week in an one-hour HBO documentary that showed graphic videos and audios of the Mumbai carnage, including telephone intercepts of Pakistani handlers giving explicit instructions to the terrorists on how and when to kill, and footage of police interrogation of Ajmal Kasab, the lone captured terrorist. “Their method of attack could easily be adapted to any American city,’’ said Fareed Zakaria, the Mumbai-born, New York-based
editor who narrated the documentary.
Exclusive footage of Kasab’s interrogation shown in the documentary answered one question even well-meaning Pakistanis frequently ask: “Why does India blame Pakistan so soon after a terrorist strike?’’ Well, because Kasab was interrogated within hours of his capture the same night as the carnage. Lying on the hospital bed weeping like a child, Kasab tells an incredibly composed police interrogator the whole sordid story of Pakistani trainers and indoctrination.
More chilling than visuals of the carnage itself is the audio of the Pakistani handler, who passed precise blow-by-blow instruction to his wards on how, when and who to kill, including eliminating the Jewish couple in Chabad House. When a killer hesitates to execute the couple, he orders him to finish the task and waits expectantly till he hears the gunshots.
Even as the documentary records the embarrassing confusion of among the illequipped Mumbai police amid the carnage (save for stray acts of courage, including one which helped capture Kasab), it also recognizes a brilliant breakthrough by Indian intelligence that enabled them to record 284 conversations between the Pakistani handlers and their terrorist wards, intercepts that, along with Kasab’s confession, decisively nails the Pakistani hand in the attack.
The Pakistani handlers, who Indian and US officials believe to be current or former military-intelligence personnel, are being sought by New Delhi and Washington, even as Islamabad continues to shield them through legal technicalities.
As Kasab gets legal aid for his trial in Mumbai in a civil society sworn to jurisprudence, his mentor LeT supremo Hafeez Saeed is reported to be delivering hate sermons in mosques in Lahore after Pakistani authorities and courts set him free.
The one-hour ‘Terror in Mumbai’ documentary was widely previewed in the US media, and more than any single cable or network news story on terror strikes in India over the past 15 years, brought home the horrors of Pakistanisponsored terrorism. “In the eyes of many anti-terrorist experts, the Mumbai attack may have served as a dress rehearsal for future terrorist actions in other parts of the world — including here in the good old USA,’’ the LA Times wrote. That message may finally have reached both Langley and the White House, which largely ignored the 1999 Kandahar hijacking which was a dress rehearsal for 9/11.


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Hatred He Mailed

Posted by :) on November 23, 2009

We will retaliate against India, Headley had told schoolmates

Said Terrorism Is Not Cowardly


New Delhi: David Coleman Headley, the Pakistan-origin US national who is suspected of plotting another version of 26/11, showed his feelings for India in emails to his old schoolmates. Writing about India earlier this year, after the Mumbai attacks when ties between India and Pakistan were particularly low, Headley is reported to have said, “We will retaliate against India.”
These messages were sent by Headley to a Yahoo groups site with his former schoolmates from Hasan Abdal military school in Pakistan. The students call themselves ‘Abdalians’. These remarks were part of impassioned discussions about politics and Islam, a report in the New York Times said.
In the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts, when Pakistan feared that India would attack it, terror group leaders like Baitullah Mehsud openly came out to say that they would fight against India on the side of Pakistan if hostilities broke out. Headley was clearly of the same persuasion. The NYT report said that in his email chats, Headley also complained about “NATO criminal vermin dropping 22,000 lbs bombs on unsuspecting, unarmed Afghan villagers” or “napalming southeast Asian farmers”.
When a Polish engineer was beheaded by the Taliban in Pakistan, Headley wrote, “The best way for a man to die is with the sword.” The FBI indictment against Headley, the report said, shows that Headley was at ease being both Islamic Pakistani and American. But, somewhere along the line, though he embraced the American name David Headley, his beliefs were hardening into more extremist directions.
The reports paint him as someone with a Pakistani Muslim wife in Chicago but a make-up artist as a girlfriend in New York.
In yet another email posting to his schoolmates, he said, “Some of us are saying that ‘terrorism’ is the weapon of the cowardly… I will say that you may call it barbaric or immoral or cruel, but never cowardly.” He added, “Courage is, by and large, exclusive to the Muslim nation.”

David Headley with his mother and sister in an undated photo.

Headley never quite made the transition from a strict Pakistani boarding school to a Philadelphia bar mentally, sleuths said



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Posted by :) on November 22, 2009

Source : TOI Remembering Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

One Operation And One Single Day Changed It All For Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. The Nation Salutes The Braveheart Who Took On Terrorists And Made The Ultimate Sacrifice During The 26/11 Attacks In Mumbai Last Year

Aarthi R | TNN

Bangalore: At K Unnikrishnan and Dhanalakshmi’s house in Bangalore Sandeep’s room is still “upstairs.” But, they have brought down almost all memories — even from his house in Manesar — to live with. Right from his photo when a year old to his posthumous medal to the couch and ‘red car parked outside’ and the huge unopened trunks. Even the things he last used from the toothpaste to the razor to the deo are safe inside a drawer here. The one thing hidden in his room cupboard is him posing in big specs as an NDA cadet, grinning wide. “He never wanted a dull face. Always sported a smile. In fact, he had a problem getting his ID card done as his GC wanted him with a serious face!,” Dhanalakshmi says, sporting a natural smile remembering him. “Yes. He is with us and we will go wherever he takes us,” she adds. Her “Sandu mon was back home July last. He left on August 11. Even when in the Army, he was never away for long.” He was supposed to have come back to Bangalore on December 17, 2008. Even the tickets had been booked. He was quite excited about the planned family trip to Kerala early this year. Almost everything was planned. But one operation and one single day changed it all. Sandeep never discussed work with them right from his NDA days. It was only recently that they realized that he had a tough time in all the three Jammu & Kashmir postings in his early days. He also went missing for about 50 hours in an icy trench without food and water.
“Perhaps, he kept us prepared.” Two years ago, when a close friend’s son passed away in an accident, Dhanalakshmi didn’t eat for almost a week. Back home then, Sandeep had told her — “For Kaushik you are so upset, what will you do if it was me?”
“But, this didn’t happen. Strangely, in Sandeep’s case, we only missed one day’s meal,” says a surprised father. He was well prepared, but he kept preparing them as well. “He didn’t like people living beyond a certain age. He was not sympathetic to aged people. But, at least another 10 years more would have been sufficient for him,” says the father, trying to sport a smile.
Even when he was away, he was always present for them. Once when the solar installation at house was delayed for two weeks, he called saying — “It’s the 15th day I’m calling to remind you.Tomorrow is your ultimate date.” I still feel he’s there doing the same. My mind knows that he will not be still. Whenever I commit a mistake like when driving, I feel he’s there to change my version,” explains Unnikrishnan.
Sandhya’s (Sandeep’s cousin and close friend) young son Tharun now gives them ample company. Upto all the mischief Sandeep deprived them of. “His favourite is fish. He is almost Sandeep to us,” they say. “It’s not memories. He is still living with us. He cannot go away just like that,” say Sandeep’s parents.

Sandeep the person
Quiet, yet frank and curious, Sandeep was four months when they moved to Bangalore. His childhood was spent in Domlur. Before he turned four, his favourite pass time was cutting any paper he lay his hands on with a pair of scissors. He was also fond of animals. He was always thin, yet physically agile. A few inches short of 6 feet, he last weighed 68 kg. “You needed to shake hands with him to see how strong he was. He even suggested we use this clutches to strengthen our palms,” remembers Unnikrishnan, demonstrating the action.
So, how did Army happen?
“It was on his own. He decided on it when he was in class 8 itself. All said and done, the respect you get in Armed Forces in India, you never get it anywhere else, even with parents. That’s what perhaps attracted him then,” explains his father. His father would have wanted him in IT. Sandeep wasn’t interested. “What is it you do sitting in front of the computer 13-18 hours? was his main worry. He was very keen to join the NDA. His first choice was Navy. But he had a slight vision problem, so he had to go with the second option of Army. Even as we stood in a queue at St Joseph’s for a BSc back up in case he does not get into CET, he said: “It’s futile, dad. I have already given my NDA and results have come. I will be joining. That day I realised he was serious about it. First two years I feared his safety, then I was confident.”
After a total 20 years of service, Sandeep was planning on a civilian job.
A father’s friend
“There was nothing Sandeep could not talk to me. I used to talk to him the same way. However, we almost never agreed on anything without any argument. He was not the person to agree to anything easily unless convinced. We were stark contrasts. Right from Sandeep’s preference for brands to cars and even wearing a formal tie. Those things I really miss now.”
The bad news
“When I first heard about his death on TV — I knew that he was there but kept repeatedly telling myself no, he was not. A kind of pretention. I was just waiting for him to come out after the operation successfully and then involve in another argument with me.
Even when the body was taken for cremation, my personal feeling was if only I could take a piece of his hair or even nail to preserve. Even in the truck and in the crematoria, I wanted to but could not. But luckily when I came back, we found his comb, he had last used when home. A round comb, luckily, he hadn’t cleaned it!

Breaking the news  to Dhanalakshmi
Unnikrishnan’s greatest challenge was conveying Sandeep’s death to Dhanalakshmi, who was then singing and cooking. “When I said ‘he’s no more,’ she just ran away, leaving the stove on. She never became unconscious even for a second. Wanted to get every bit of news on it.”
“Looking back, I really don’t know how and when I heard it. He knew it. I didn’t. But when he told me, I lost my control. Hit him hard on the chest with both hands saying, ‘Even if they say it on TV how can you tell so as his father,’ I fought with him. Not his fault but I could not control my emotions.”
She last spoke to him on the Sunday before 26/11. He spoke unusually long, excited about his trip to Delhi with his friend. “We never knew about any movie or even song until he showed or talked about it to us.” Engrossed in explaining, she also starts imitating his expressions talking about the places he’d visited, holding his
hands up and eyes wide
open. Then, realizing, she b re a k s d ow n . “He had s o m e – t h i n g special in him.
Every face I see, I see Sandeep. Never thought this would happen. When in class 2, his teacher told us he will be like C V Raman. Then I did not think much. But now, sometimes I think,Why didnt he?” she wonders.

A great son
He never missed his parents wedding anniversary. He made it a point to be back home on every August 31. “He was always there to get us to cut the cake.” “‘Whenever he wanted money, he used to ask me. I thought he was spending left and right, but it was not so. He was spending on charity and on his subordinates,” Unnikrishnan says. Sandeep’s sahayak at M a n e s a r, Sohan — who is now in Bangalore to give them company —told t h e m about it.
Perhaps too late, yet special now, Dhanalakshmi also recalls an incident when in Domlur. He was in class 6 then. “He came back excited, telling me he saw Sivarasan (planner of Rajiv Gandhi’s murder who was killed in a police shoot out in Bangalore) in the 137 bus he boarded. How, he was dressed as a blind man, with walking stick in hand and wearing glasses. He got down in HAL II stage. We never believed him then. But, I still faintly remember, how he came back angry when it was later reported.Even today I don’t know if he really saw Sivarasan. And perhaps it’s too late,” she says, trying to laugh but unable to control the tears anymore.
Coping with the loss
“When some unknown person recognizes us and tell us more about Sandeep, that gives us a lot of comfort. Even at times when I say he was foolish in doing what he did, I am stopped and told ‘Don’t say so. You and I could not have done what he did,” says Unnikrishnan.

Reaction to 26/11
There’s no point in it. Kasab is an offender. They are keeping him alive. One can say Kasab was a machine used by them, but he has a brain. They had all gone for their purpose. I have a problem; not that he had any tussle with Sandeep. He killed many innocent people. We saw him shooting. He was standing, shooting and laughing. Who is he? And we are asking Pakistan to do something. He should be hanged from a lamppost. That should be a lesson to other terrorists.
Tussle with Kerala CM
When I first heard it on TV, I thought it was end of the world. The next moment,I realized nothing had changed, except Sandeep. Later on, I remember everything, including Mr Achutanandan’s visit. People said I acted that way because I was emotional. But no. It was on purpose. I never had any problems with him, nor abused him. It’s just that I didn’t want anyone to take undue credit.

Sandeep’s Favourites

Food: Hard core non-vegetarian who also loved his mother’s ‘appam and stew’. Sea fish, especially fried sardines with tea being a particular favourite. But he ran away from rice! “When it came to rice, dhal and ghee, his mom had to forcibly feed.” Colours:White, Black and Red Place: Nainital Music: Anything not classical Movies: Good movies in any language. A look at his huge collection shows him as a fan of action films and classics. Back home, he was regular at Malayalam movies at a theatre nearby with mom. Sport: Before joining NDA, he was completely into studies and sports. No game that he hadn’t played. He liked football, hockey and cricket but athletics was his forte. Several of his records in school have not been broken yet. “I guess because he was into all sports, he did not shine in any one of them,” says the proud father holding a small cup from the cupboard that was Sandeep’s favourite : his first cup in high jump that’s still unbeaten at school. Other interests: Quizzing, debates, reading and languages, English being his favourite.

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Pak duo held in Italy for Mumbai attacks

Posted by :) on November 22, 2009

Source : TOI

Mohammad Yaqub Janjua (60) and his son Aamer Yaqub Janjua (31) were arrested in Italy

London: Tracing new links to the Mumbai carnage, a Pakistani father-son duo were arrested on Saturday from Italy for ‘allegedly’ managing money transfer to finance phone communications of the attackers following leads from Indian and US investigators. The two men, who ran a money transfer agency, were arrested in an early morning raid from the northern Italian city of Brescia, police said.

The duo was identified by the police as Mohammad Yaqub Janjua, 60, and Aamer Yaqub Janjua, 31. They have been accused of aiding and abetting international terrorism as well as illegal financial activity.
On November 25, 2008, a day before the attacks, they transferred US $229 to activate an internet phone account that was used by the attackers and their accomplices, said Stefano Fonzi, the head of anti-terror police in Brescia. The funds that enabled the terrorists to be in touch with their handlers in Pakistan were transferred under the identity of another Pakistani man who had never been to Italy and was not involved in the attacks, reports from Italy said.
The two managed a money transfer agency where it is reported to be a common practice to transfer funds using false identities. The Italian police arrested the two men in an early morning raid in Brescia, the police said in a statement.
Two others connected with the money transfer agency in Brescia were also arrested for other illegal activity, Fonzi was quoted as saying by foreign news agencies. AGENCIES

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Jethmalani takes on God, Wahabism

Posted by :) on November 22, 2009



New Delhi: His middle name is controversy and he is India’s leading agent provocateur. Living up to his image of selfc o n f e s s e d m ave r i ck , Ram Jethmalani on S at u rd ay went where few men have dared to venture.
Speaking at a meeting of legal eagles, Jethmalani poured vitriol on Wahabi Islam, spewed fire at jihadis and poked fun at their idea of God, causing the Saudi ambassador to walk out. Moily pacifies irked envoy
New Delhi: Legal eagle Ram Jethmalani, not known for his diplomatic skills, kicked up a row at an international conference on terror, by taking on Wahabi Islam and their idea of God. He critcized the jehadi doctrine, which allegedly propagates the belief that martyrs would “get a place in heaven and the company of opposite sex there.’’
He warned the government and international community against trusting God when it comes to terrorism. “He will not help as he is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease,’’ he said.
Soon Saudi ambassador Faisal-al-Trad was seen walking out of the conference, offended. Adesh Aggarwala, organizer, confirmed the ambassador had walked out, but returned after law minister Veerappa Moily’s statement that Jethmalani’s views were personal and not of the government.
Later, Jethmalani himself tried damage control, saying he was “a student of all religions, including Islam, and I have read the Koran several times. I find that the Prophet is a man of peace.’’
Jethmalani’s comments were publicly challenged by Justice Awn S Al-Khasawneh of the International Court of Justice, who said he should not “make sweeping statements’’.


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Make compassion the plinth of religions

Posted by :) on November 16, 2009


Source : Sameer Arshad | TNN


Former Roman Catholic nun and one of the leading thinkers on the role of religion in the modern world, Karen Armstrong, joined religious leaders from around the globe last week to unveil a ‘Charter of Compassion’ that calls for return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture breeding violence or hatred or disdain is illegitimate.
The charter is an attempt to counter highly organized and networked terrorists and extremists. “We must do the same (by organizing and networking to counter them),’’ Armstrong told reporters.
The charter calls for restoring compassion to the centre of morality, religion and ensuring that youth are given accurate information about other traditions, religions and cultures ‘to encourage a positive appreciation of cultural and religious diversity and cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings’.
The charter used a unique web-based decision making a platform to which thousands from over 100 countries added their voices. Thousands of submissions were entered which were then read and commented on by over 1,50,000 visitors to the website. A Council of Conscience then sorted out the contributions to craft the final charter document.
The charter underlines that the principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. It says compassion impels people to work to alleviate the suffering of fellow creatures, to dethrone themselves from the centre of the world and put another there, and to honour the inviolable sanctity of every human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice and respect.
“It’s also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and emphatically from inflicting pain. To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism or self-interest to impoverish, exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating others — even our enemies — is a denial of our common humanity,” the charter says.
It acknowledges that people have failed to live compassionately and that some have even increased the sum of human misery in the name of religion. “We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries,” it says.

The charter’s 12,499 ‘affirmers’ include Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, Jordan’s Queen Noor, musician Paul Simon, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, author and thinker Deepak Chopra and Egypt’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa among a host of others. “The launch of the charter is the beginning of a voyage and not the end. Now people have their own websites where they can organize and we can make it a movement,’’ Armstrong said.

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Pak spy held with key papers

Posted by :) on November 16, 2009

Aamir Considered Prize Catch y Was About To Board Flight To Saudi


New Delhi: Just as Indian agencies are trying to decipher the role of a US-based Lashkar duo in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks comes the busting of another Pakistan-sponsored espionage ring.
The Delhi Police arrested a Pakistani spy just as he was set to board a flight to Saudi Arabia along with a set of vital documents relating to some defence installations including Ghaziabad’s Hindon airbase and Meerut cantonment area.
Acting on a tip-off from Intelligence Bureau, the police arrested him at IGI airport on Saturday when he was trying to board a flight using a fake passport bearing the name of Aamir Ali.
Though spy rings and sleeper cells of Pakistani intelligence agencies are busted regularly in one or the other part of the country, Aamir alias Jabbad alias Abdul is considered to be a prize catch as police seized a number of vital documents from his possession indicating that he was a leader of some bigger ring spread across central and western Uttar Pradesh.
He was considered so significant a catch that the police immediately briefed home ministry about the arrest and the seizures. His arrest was confirmed to reporters by home secretary G K Pillai on Sunday.
Though Pillai did not give any details, sources said Aamir was a highly trained Pakistani spy and was staying in Shahdara since the past three years. “He is quite computer savvy and was extensively using Internet to send information,” a source said.
Aamir had allegedly sent information on Ghaziabad’s Hindon airbase and Meerut cantonment area to Pakistan through emails. The 40-year-old spy, said to be a resident of Karachi, had earlier spent a few years in Lucknow and Ghaziabad.
Besides scanning his contacts in the Capital, Delhi Police has sent separate teams to different cities in UP to trace his links with local residents who might have helped him.
Raids in Mumbai
New Delhi/Mumbai: Intensifying its probe into suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba operative David Coleman Headley’s role in the Mumbai terror attacks, NIA sleuths on Sunday conducted raids at several places in Mumbai and are likely to question Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul over his alleged friendship with the Pakistan-born American who is in US custody. P 11 Mumbai gym under scanner NIA Team Examines Records Of Moksh Which Headley Visited
Mumbai: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) team is examining the records of high-profile gym Moksh which Lashkar-e-Taiba’s suspected operative, David Coleman Headley, used to visit. NIA is also probing Headley’s links with some US nationals, who, too, used to come to the fitness centre.

An NIA team, led by additional director-general of police S Balaji and comprising two superintendents of police, is camping in Mumbai. The team is assisted by the Mumbai crime branch and special branch, Mumbai police commissioner D Sivanandhan said on the sidelines of a seminar on terror security at Hotel Trident.
The NIA, on November 11, registered a case against Headley and his associate, Tahawwar Hussain Rana, under the various sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and for conspiring to wage war against Inida. Headley and Rana are currently in the custody of FBI for plotting a terror attack in Denmark and conspiring a similar attack in India.
“The NIA is busy collecting the details of US nationals who used to come to the fitness centre. Records of the fitness centre have been scanned and several of its employees have been questioned,’’ sources said. They said only Headley’s picture was missing in the joining form at Moksh at Breach Candy.
The NIA is trying to take help from the US Consulate about the foreigners who stayed with Headley in Mumbai. Headley, who visited Mumbai at least seven times between 2006 and 2009, did never register himself with any Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in the country.
Meanwhile, two more real estate agents and a small-time businessmen gave their statement to the NIA team in connection with their association with Headley. It is learnt that the accommodation records of three five-star hotels in Mumbai have been obtained by the NIA where Headley suppostedly stayed.

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Top 10 strangest Anti-terrorism Patents

Posted by :) on November 14, 2009

Source : by Alex in Neatorama OnlyScience & TechWeapons & War

Technology has always played a big role in fighting terrorism. Some inventions are truly useful and will undoubtedly save lives, whereas others are so bizarre that one wonders how in the world they got patented. This list is about the latter: Behold the Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents!

(Note: yes, most of these patents cite fighting terrorism as raison d’être)

Anti-Terrorist Truck

U.S. Patent 4667565Rapid response patrol and antiterrorist vehicle by Reg. A. Anderson. Issued May 26, 1987.

Problem: Terrorists can pop up at any time, leaving local authorities totally defenseless against their raging attacks.

Solution: When terrorists walk past this non-descript truck parked quietly on the street, its roof pops out to reveal a machine gun turret! If that doesn’t strike fear into the heart of Jihadis, well … then we can still mow ’em down!

Bonus: Also great for battling zombies.

Face Protector Against Poisonous Gas

U.S. Patent 7107990Portable face protector for protecting human being from poisonous gas and securing visibility by Kuk-Bin Lee. Issued Aug 30, 2004.

Problem: Terrorists may use poisonous gas to terrorize civilians, and gas masks are not very attractive looking.

Solution: A portable face protector (10), probably inspired by Robin’s mask, and a piece of cloth (22) to cover the mouth and nose.

Bonus: Also protects against flatulence.

Biohazard Suit with Built-In Toilet

U.S. Patent 6920646Human waste management suit, by Caleb Clark Crye, Gregg M. Thompson, and Eric Owen Fehlberg. Issued Jul 26, 2005.

Problem: You got to wear a biohazard suit to protect against biological or chemical weapons … but as soon as you put it on, you really gotta go!

Solution: A biohazard suit with a built-in toilet! Just squat a little bit and go.

Bonus: Hazardous fumes are sealed inside the suit, thus preventing embarrassing smell from adding extra stress to an already strenuous situation.

Potential Complications: How do you wipe?

Railroad Missile System

U.S. Patent 4896580Railroad missile garrison system, by Ron Rudnicki. Issued Jan 30, 1990.

Problem: Terrorists may attack a missile silo, a stationary target if there ever is one.

Solution: Make it mobile. Here’s a patent for a railroad missile garrison system that launches ICBMs from rail cars of a train.

Bonus: Makes a great movie plot!

Doggie Earphone

U.S. Patent 6591786Device and method for safetly inserting an electronic device in an ear of a four-legged non-human trained animal, by Eric R. Davis. Issued Jul 15, 2003.

Problem: It’s well known that Al Qaeda terrorists hate dogs, but how do you tell the animals to get to these dirty SOBs if they can’t hear you? (You being a far away, of course, preferably in the safety and comfort of a bunker.)

Solution: a custom-fitting earpiece for dogs so they can receive verbal instructions remotely.

Bonus: The method specifically said four-legged non-human animal, so I’m thinking this will work with goats. Attack goats.

Airplane Trap Door

U.S. Patent 6844817Aircraft anti-terrorism security system, by Wolfgang Gleine. Issued Jan 18, 2005.

Problem: Terrorists want to hijack a plane by trying to break down the cockpit door.

Solution: After hardening the cockpit door, airlines should add the next logical step: airplane trap door that springs open to entrap terrorists below deck.

Bonus: Great prank to pull on the co-pilot going on a bathroom break.

Improvement Suggestion: Add an alligator pit to the trap door … or better yet, some motherf-ckin’ snakes on the motherf-ckin pit!

Airplane Sleeping Gas System

U.S. Patent 6499693Aircraft to respond to threats, by Ariel S. Rogson. Issued Dec 31, 2002.

Problem: Terrorists are almost successful in breaking down the cockpit door…

Solution: Gas ’em! Here’s a system that puts incapacitating gas into the plane’s ventilation system. After everyone’s knocked unconscious, the pilot can land the plane and let the police deal with the hijackers.

Potential Complications: Better hope the terrorists aren’t carrying the Face Protector Against Poisonous Gasinvention listed above. Also, the gas knocks out everybody, passengers and terrorists alike, which leads us to …

Passenger Control System During Flight

U.S. Patent 6970105Passenger control system during a plane flying, by Paolo Valletta. Issued Nov 29, 2005.

Problem: A terrorist is onboard, and you want to disable him without harming the other passengers.

Solution: Make all passengers wear armbands that monitors their body for signs of falsehood and evil (ooh, say heart pulsation and blood pressure – hey, it’s in the patent application, mmkay?). And did I mention there’s a syringe filled with a strong tranquilizer connected to the thing? One “anomalous emotional condition,” then off to dreamland they go!

Bonus: Works for unruly kids.

Explosion Containment Net

U.S. Patent 6854374Explosion containment net, by O. Alan Breazeale. Issued Feb 15, 2005.

That you, Solid Snake?

Problem: Suicide bombers may detonate their bomb and kill a lot of people.

Solution: It may look like an umbrella, but that’s actually a kevlar net fired from a special gun to encapsulate and contain a bomb’s blast. The net also contains a tube for dispensing fire suppressant agent (the tank is worn on the back of the net operator in Figures 6 and 7 above).

Bonus: Great for fishing or tackling

Mobile Crematorium

U.S. Patent 6729247Mobile crematorium, by Andrew and Nelle Brown. Issued May 4, 2004.

Problem: When all effort to prevent a large scale act of terrorism failed and the body count of victims is high, then something is needed to get rid of the bodies …

Solution: A mobile crematorium – basically a combustion chamber on wheels.

Bonus: Probably makes a mean BBQ! Also works to get rid of dead zombies.


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Headley used Rahul Bhatt as a terror pawn?

Posted by :) on November 14, 2009

Filmmaker’s Son Could Be A Crucial Link In Probe

Source : Vishwa Mohan | TNN


Rahul Bhat

New Delhi: Rahul Bhatt, son of film producer Mahesh Bhatt who was befriended by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist David Coleman Headley, may not be in the clear just yet. A senior officer in the Union home ministry said Rahul would be questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as he was an important link in the probe into Headley’s long stay in Mumbai.
“No one has been given a clean chit so far,’’ said the official, adding the NIA is yet to gather all details to ascertain whether Headley might have got some work done through Rahul. The NIA — which has been mapping Headley’s contacts by screening his casual acquaintances, cellphone and email records — will call Rahul for questioning to verify certain details to see if they travelled “together or otherwise” in or outside Mumbai. “We will have to find out whether Headley had used Rahul and, if yes, how was he been used, knowingly or unknowingly,’’ the official said.
The mystery of Rahul (whose name appeared in the FBI affidavits against Headley and his accomplice Tahawwur Hussain Rana) was solved only when he reportedly contacted the Mumbai police after watching Headley’s name on TV channels and informed them about whatever he knew about the US citizen.
Till then, there had been a lot of speculation whether Rahul, whose name appeared in the email communication of Headley, was Congress leader Rahul Gandhi or film actors Rahul Bose or Rahul Khanna or for Shah Rukh Khan whose favourite name for screen characters played by him once used to be ‘Rahul’.
Rahul’s name appeared when Headley in his July 8 email to his Pakistan-based Lashkar handler (mentioned in the affidavit as LeT Member A) wrote while discussing terror plots in India: “I think when we get a chance we should revisit our last location again and say ‘hi’ to Rahul.’’
There is the suggestion that Rahul could be a good cover, as on the same day the LeT Member A replied to Headley saying “to see Rahul is a good idea coz have some work for you over there too (Mumbai). Matters are good enough to move forward…’’
The next day — July 9 — Headley responded: “When you say move forward, do you mean in the north direction or towards Rahul…’’ The same day LeT Member A responded: “I mean towards Rahul.’’
Rahul’s name appeared in more such communication with the last one being recorded on July 10 when LeT leader said: “There are some investment plans with me, not exactly at Rahul’s city but near that. Rest we can decide when meet according to your ease.’’ The analysis of this by FBI pointed out that the terrorist used “investment’’ as a codeword for “target’’.


Rahul Bhatt, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s son, was an acquaintance ofLeT terrorist David Coleman Headley
NIA yet to ascertain whether Headley might have got some work done through Rahul

NIA will call Rahul for questioning to verify certain details to see if they travelled “together or otherwise” in or outside Mumbai

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