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Car Bomb Attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul

Posted by :) on October 11, 2009

The Bomb Exploded Outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul, Killing at Least 17

KABUL, Afghanistan, Oct. 8, 2009
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A suicide car bomb exploded outside the heavily guarded Indian Embassy in downtown Kabul this morning, killing at least 17 and injuring 84, according to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior.

Attack on Indian embassy in kabul

The wreckage of a vehicle used in a bombing attack is being towed away at the site of an explosion…(Altaf Qadri/AP Photo)

The large explosion gutted a nearby market, shattered windows and severely damaged two United Nations armored SUVs that were driving by. The vehicles were empty except for drivers, the U.N. said, and they were not injured.

But the car bomb, which Afghan officials said was loaded into a Toyota 4Runner, was large enough to be felt more than a mile away. The deputy speaker of Afghanistan’s parliament, who lives down the street, told ABC News that the blast was five times stronger than the one that last hit the Indian Embassy in July 2008, a car bomb that killed nearly 60 people.


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