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Congress unveils road map to tackle terror :

Posted by :) on April 8, 2009

Congress unveils road map to tackle terror :  Anita Joshua, The Hindu News Paper

NEW DELHI: 7 April 2009

The Congress on Tuesday identified ‘protecting India from terror’ as its “Mission Number One” if the party returns to power.

Making this pledge, Home Minister P. Chidambaram released a road map on how it proposed to tackle terrorism. While noting that India’s commitment to plurality, secularism and tolerance of multiple faiths made the country a favourite target of many terror groups, the Congress said: “Religious polarisation that is intrinsic to the value system of parties like the Bharatiya Janata Party severely erodes our capacity to combat terrorism.”

The road map is aimed at addressing the BJP’s perennial charge that the Congress is weak in its response to terror. It details how the Congress has set in motion and will continue with the process of building the “highest possible level of preparedness” in the system which, in turn, will be backed by rapid and decisive response and follow-up.

To ensure minimal time loss in the response to terror threats or attacks, a Congress-led government will institute a threat-level communication protocol to communicate with public safety officials and the public through a threat-based, five-level colour-coded system. This will be in addition to a Standard Operating Manual, which will spell out the responsibility of various national security agencies in a crunch situation.

Also, a Permanent Crisis Management Group — ‘War Room’ — will be set up. Headed by the Cabinet Secretary with representatives from all intelligence agencies, the ‘War Room’ will provide operational oversight and control during terror threats, and function as a 24-hour watch-post. As “a disproportionate share of our elite, highly trained security forces is deployed to protect VIPs and VVIPs,” the Congress will order a comprehensive review of VIP security and make amendments to ensure that the highly trained security forces are deployed in fighting terror.

The review will be completed within six months and alternative arrangements for providing security to threatened individuals put in place. As part of the effort to improve preparedness, the government, Mr. Chidambaram said, had already appointed a panel to draw up a Police Recruitment Plan 2009-20 to assess the growing needs at the officer level of all forces: State police, Central Police Organisations and Central paramilitary forces. Similarly, vacancies would be filled at all levels by the end of this fiscal.


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