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Islam : A Religion Of Peace

Posted by :) on December 12, 2008

The ideology of Islam has no place for violence

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The big question on everyone’s mind is how to solve the problem of terrorism. On the one hand, the authorities are trying to crush the terror menace through legal action; and on the other hand, reformers are trying to curb it by engaging in condemnation. However, both of these methods are, apparently, proving to be ineffective. Then what is the solution?
The present problem of terrorism is based on an ideology and that cannot be countered
or killed through legal action or by mere condemnation. We have to develop a counter-ideology to overcome it. Violence begins from the mind. It must, therefore, be uprooted from the mind itself. This goes directly to the root cause of terrorism. Therefore, in order to eliminate this root cause we need to initiate our efforts by beginning from the right starting point. And this is the re-engineering of minds of individuals by taking them away from the culture of violence and bringing them closer to the culture of peace.
Let’s look at two parallel examples from history. One pertains to the American campaign against communist Russia and the other refers to the American campaign against Saddamled Iraq. Both communist Russia and
Iraq were declared enemies of the US, but while America was successful in curbing the menace of communist Russia, it failed to cope with Iraq. The reason was that America met the Russian challenge at an ideological level, while it opted for military action against Iraq.
Terrorism will persist in one form or another until the ideology of violence is countered with another ideology based on peace. But let us first understand the ideology of violence that is resulting in terrorism. This ideology is that Islam is a political system and that it is the duty of all Muslims to establish the political rule of Islam in the world. This kind of thinking was not prevalent during the time of Prophet Muhammad or his early
companions. It is a later invention. This was developed over the last few centuries by a handful of people and has become widespread in the Muslim world today. This has led to the present-day violence.
A large number of Muslims, especially many among the youth, have become obsessed with this ideology and are trying to establish the political rule of Islam, thinking it to be their ticket to paradise. Having failed to achieve this objective of establishing Islamic rule by peaceful methods, they have started resorting to suicide bombing. The idea being that if we cannot eliminate non-Islamic rule, then let us at least destabilise it and pave the way for Islamic rule.

After studying Islam by making reference to its original sources — the Quran and Hadith — one can say with certainty that the political interpretation of Islam is an innovation and the real Islam, as followed by Prophet Muhammad and his early followers, is based upon peace, compassion and tolerance.
People consider peace as the greatest good in the world. However, peace does not prevail in the world today. This is because people the world over are acting intolerantly and indulging in acts of violence, saying, “Give us justice and peace will ensue”. But when people, ostensibly seeking justice, stoop to violence, peace can never prevail. Peace is always desirable for its own sake, and every other desirable state
comes after peace, not along with it. So, the maxim to follow, when peace is the desired state, is: “Ignore the problems, and avail of the opportunities.”
Once people become tolerant and obtain peace for its own sake, what that actually does is open up opportunities. It creates favourable conditions which enable people to strive for their ideals, eventually attaining justice and other constructive ends. This happens due to the law of nature. When the individual refrains from making a controversial matter into one of prestige, this gives rise to serious thinking. This non-emotional thinking helps him to understand that if he were to walk out of the point of controversy he would find all other
paths open to him.
This ideology of peace can counter the ideology of violence and it is based on the original sources of Islam. Prophet Muhammad provides a very clear historical example of this in his method of negotiating the Hudaybiyya peace treaty. On this occasion he brought matters to a successful conclusion by unilaterally accepting all the conditions of his opponents. In this peace treaty, the Prophet had not apparently received justice or his rights. But what was in effect a 10-year no-war pact gave the Prophet an opportunity to work uninterruptedly on a constructive programme which would otherwise have been impossible. By means of this peaceful non-political pro
gramme, the Prophet and his companions were able to consolidate themselves so thoroughly that they had no need to wage war; they were able to take control of Mecca peacefully.
From this example of the Prophet, we can understand that there is no room for violence in Islam. The ideology of Islam banishes the notion that there can be anything acceptable about terrorism. Islam is a completely peaceful religion and the Islamic method is a peaceful method. By following the ideology of peace, each individual’s mind can be re-engineered away from the culture of violence and closer to the culture of peace.
The writer is a Delhi-based religious scholar.


3 Responses to “Islam : A Religion Of Peace”

  1. NIAZ said

    I appreciate your deep consideration.

  2. navedz said

    Islam is a religion of PEACE. It doesn’t teach us to kill unlike other religions. Muslims start their greetings with “As-salaam-wa Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh”, which means in English “May GOD’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.”

    Allah states: “Whoever kills a human being… then it is as though he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a human life it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

    No one probably ever heard of such a stunning message of peace, which considers killing just one person (be it innocent or not) tantamount to killing the entire humanity? Now the doubters should not have any more skepticism about Muslim’s claim that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

    The unjustified criticisms of and spitting venoms at Islam by the hateful Islam-bashers got to stop now.

  3. Manul said

    No religion in the world teaches massacre or genocide, if it is a RELIGION at all. I am very sad that people take this nasty thing as a religion-weaved-conspiracy. I truly agree to the statement by Navedz “The unjustified criticisms of and spitting venoms at Islam by the hateful Islam-bashers got to stop now”. We have to stop this but Islam, the same thing happens with all other religions. There is one innocent brother of us has stated in one of the above Comments that Islam does teach to kill like other religions. Please stop this right now for the sake of humanity. I love to see the same atmosphere, as I see in my small town Siwan, where though Muslim are in a slight majority, but they have never made anyone feel that they are from a different community. They celebrate all the festivals together and with full enthusiasm. You cannot imagine. We have never seen anything called communalism there. If some sporadic skirmishes happen, you will not believe that is sorted out by the elders of both community. They know how to solve the trifles. Why cannot all be like that and live peacefully. We should hit directly on Islam or Hinduism for the heinous crime happening in our society. We have to stop it right away rather than spitting venom on any religion. I am researching on this nasty concept so are you brothers to sort out or find an exact solution for this.
    May god bless all!
    Saurabh Verma (Manul)

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