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All Muslims are not terrorists

Posted by :) on December 7, 2008

MANGALORE: Islamic Cultural Centre, Mangalore, has urged the people to fight terrorism, an “enemy of humanity.”

Addressing presspersons here on Sunday under the auspices of the centre, the Muslim leaders said that it was not proper to project all Muslims as promoters of terrorism.

Only a fraction of Muslim population might have indulged in terrorist activities. It was wrong to suspect all Muslims as supporters of such activities. People of all faith and religion should unite to curb terrorism, they said. Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi, chairman of the centre, said terrorism was a curse to civic society. Normal life was under sustained attack from anti social elements. Their acts of were creating panic among all sections of society. Unfortunately, most of the names attached to such activities were of Muslims. “These handful of Muslim terrorists are bringing disgrace to 20-crore Muslim population in India. Their indiscriminate killing of innocents is polarising the entire society,” he said. He said that the Muslims were losing their jobs and finding it difficult even to get rental houses. The terrorists were tarnishing the image of Islam by misquoting the holy text, he said.

Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliar, general secretary, All India Sunni Ulema Federation, spoke. Education did not mean obtaining degrees. One should develop humane and moral values, Mr. Aboobacker said.


2 Responses to “All Muslims are not terrorists”

  1. mymyboli said

    I have a Muslim friend who is the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met. I know a lot of Muslims and know a lot about their religion. I mean, Muslims are like Buddhists, in the sense that they won’t hurt ants because ants are God’s creatures. After recent attack in Mumbai , my Muslim friends have been treated like trash. They have been harassed, sworn at, fired from their jobs, robbed, attacked, you name it.

    Why, you ask? Why would these peace-loving people who are afraid of hurting ants be attacked? Because everyone thinks all Muslims are terrorists.

    In case you don’t know, Islam does not promote terrorism. Search their holy book, the Quran. SO STOP BEING IGNORANT AND JUDGING ALL THE MUSLIMS BECAUSE A HANDFUL OF FUNDAMENTALISTS DECIDE TO BOMB SKYSCRAPERS!

    I’ve done my best to tell people this. I thought all the attacks against Indian Muslim must come to and end, but yesterday, when my Muslim friend and I were walking to the public library, some guy in his car passes by, honks, and makes a rude gesture. Jerk.

    My point is, please learn more about Islam and Muslims before you start forming judgements about them. And this isn’t just for Muslims. I’m talking about all minorities.

  2. Sourav Roy said

    It is true that behind every mass movement or idea, an ‘ism’ is attached. This ‘ism’ is often coherent with the ideology of the followers or a name quoted by media. It is the media, who have reserved the word ‘terrorism’ exclusively for Jihadis! All others who are involved in such activities are given different ‘isms’ that either glorify their work or softens their acts of terror!

    So terrorists in Jharkhand are called ‘maoists’ or ‘naxals’. Terrorists in the north-eastern states are called ‘militants’. Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka are dubbed as ‘tigers’ while the Irish terrorists were ‘separatists’. Terrorists in Africa are ‘insurgents’, The Cuban terrorists were ‘rebels’, the Hungarian ones were ‘extremists’, the Chinese terrorists are ‘radicals’ and the American terrorists are ‘counter-insurgents’. The Israeli terrorists are ‘commandos’ and the communist terrorists are ‘revolutionaries’

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